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The Warrior

Price: $690

Size: 18” x 24” x .75”

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Description: When Doctor Who returned to the television in 2005, we learned that the Doctor was the last time lord. At some point between the 8th Doctor and the 9th Doctor, the time war occurred. The time war was waged primarily between the Time Lords and the Daleks, both of which wanted to destroy the universe. The Doctor alludes to the fact that he destroyed his own people and the Daleks to save the universe. This little plot device, which was only alluded to once the new series was launched, provided key character attributes, which I believe played a significant role in the show's success - the Doctor was alone, the last of his kind, and it was the result of his own actions. These character faults provided the emotional anchors to the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors.

At the end of series 7, we were introduced to the War Doctor, played by Sir John Hurt. This was a regeneration that nobody knew about. The Doctor had purposely buried the War Doctor from his consciousness. In fact, this regeneration refused to call himself the Doctor because the name, 'Doctor,' was a promise that he'd abandoned as he fought in the war. In the 50th Anniversary episode, 'Day of the Doctor,' we finally got to see the time war and the circumstances that led the War Doctor to use the 'Moment' (A galaxy bomb with a consciousness) to end the war. At the last moment, the 10th and 11th Doctors show up so that he doesn't have to perform this terrible act alone. They realized that he had no other choice. That he was the Doctor when it was impossible to be the Doctor. Sir John Hurt only played the Doctor for one episode, but his war hardened Doctor left a lasting mark on the franchise. The War Doctor has gone on to inspire many novels and Hurt recently returned to the role for an audio play.  

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