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The Hero

Price: $690

Size: 18” x 24” x .75”

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Description: The 10th Doctor's popularity is unquestionable. Everybody loves him. Girls love him. Guys want to be him. Clara called him the hero in the Day of the Doctor and I felt that was an appropriate title for this painting. With the War Doctor, the 10th Doctor, and the 11th Doctor in the same barn (isn't time travel fun), she remarked about the 10th being the hero - "We've got enough warriors. And any old idiot can be a hero." Of course, every version of the Doctor has been a hero, but the 10th Doctor embodied that role. He never shied away from danger, as though he never had anything to lose, and often went diving head first into it, shouting "allons-y" - the french phrase for "let's go" that he would later call a "word of consolation to the soul in times of need." With him, we see even more of the pain and loneliness beset him from the Time War.

In the three seasons of the 10th Doctor, it seemed like he couldn't keep a companion - Rose was trapped in another dimension, Mickey Smith walks away, Sarah Jane Smith decides not to go with him, Martha walks away heartbroken, Captain Jack leaves to go back to his Torchwood crew, Donna has to have her mind erased. Always left behind. Always left on his own. Until, at the end of season 4, he is reunited with all of his former companions to take on Davros - the Children of Time. Never have so many companions been inside the Tardis at once.

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I love how he always told the monsters that he encountered that they were beautiful and gorgeous. I don't think the 10th Doctor ever saw ugliness in others. Just himself. And the way he always apologized twice - "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." How it breaks your heart every time. The 10th was eccentric, vain, funny, witty, and sometimes brilliantly angry...but he always cool. Everything he did was cool, from wearing 3-D glasses to his Converse sandshoes (apparently, sandshoe is a scottish term for sneakers...and now that line from the 50th anniversary makes sense).

David Tennant IS the Doctor. From all accounts, the only difference between the Doctor and him is a Scottish accent (and two hearts with the ability to regenerate...and time travel, obviously). Tennant grew up as a fan of Doctor Who. He has even credited the show with sparking his interest to go into acting, calling it his childhood dream. Initially, he wanted to keep his Scottish accent and be the first Doctor to wear a kilt (and how awesome would that have been?), but Russell T. Davis (the showrunner) put the kibosh on that, stating that he didn't want the Doctor's accent "touring the region." Of course, that's silly because the 7th Doctor had a Scottish accent and now the 12th Doctor has a Scottish accent.