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New Doctor Series

New Doctor Series and BBC America News: 12/19/15

So Series Nine…wow, probably the best series so far in my opinion. Now I’m generally not one to play favorites. When people ask me which Doctor is my Favorite, my answer is always - “the Doctor that I’m currently watching.” The same principle goes for each series. If I’m watching Series 4 in the morning, then the 10th Doctor and Series 4 are my favorite. But if I’m watching series 7 in the evening, then the 11th Doctor and Series 7 are my favorite. That said, Series Nine was something else entirely.

Anyway, the point of this entry is not to discuss how awesome Series 9 is. Rather, I haven’t blogged anything lately and I’ve got a few bits of news.

NEW ART: First off, I’ve painted something like 13 paintings since I launched this website in the summer. I haven’t added any of the painting because I haven’t had the opportunity to take quality photos yet. All the photos of the paintings on this site were taken with a DSLR camera and professional lighting equipment, which I had to borrow. I recently purchased my own lighting equipment, but I still have to borrow a DSLR camera until I can afford one. So hopefully, I’ll have the new painting up and ready for prints within the next month.

NEW SERIES: I’m a huge fan of Alice X. Zhang’s digital art. She’s done several of the the covers for the Doctor Who Titan Comics. Her style is one of my biggest influences. Last year, I recreated five of her digital paintings. A little over a month ago, I decided that I wanted to start a new series of paintings featuring all of the Doctors in a style inspired by Zhang’s art. Here’s some samples of what I’ve completed so far.

BBC America NEWS:  A couple weeks ago, the official Twitter account of BBC America and Doctor Who favorited a painting I did (a recreation of Rigsy’s floral tribute to Clara on the Tardis). Honestly, it might sound silly, but it was one of the coolest feelings to know that I impressed someone over there. (The BBC and BBC America are my favorite channels). Then a week later, the official BBC America Instagram account contacted me directly. They’re doing a special episode in early 2016 about Whovians and they want to feature one of my paintings. (Note: The painting isn’t on my website yet and it’s not the Rigsy tribute.) I don’t know when the episode will air. All they said was that it would air in early 2016.

This is the second time I’ve signed a release form sent to me from the BBC for my art. In mid-2014, I was among many who won a fan art contest and had one of my paintings displayed at the Doctor Who tent at the San Diego Comic Con and featured at the Doctor Who World Tour prior to the Series 8 premier. However, this second time is much cooler because BBC America contacted me directly instead of me submitting something to a contest. I love that I get to contribute something, however small, to the Doctor Who cultural experience. When I set out to paint Doctor Who fan art, I never had any ambitions with it (all my artistic ambitions have been, to this point, centered around writing). I just wanted something cool to hang on my wall. It’s wonderful to be noticed for it and I appreciate all the love I get on Twitter and Instagram.

More Ways to Get Prints: Nearly every painting on my website has a link to where you can buy prints and other merch with my art printed on it. I have since set up accounts on and And I’m starting to set up shops on other similar sites as well. Personally, I prefer because I’ve received the most sales there and they offer a wider range of merch than and FineArtAmerica.

Hope everyone has a safe Christmas.

Or whatever. I don’t care.