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Master of the Universe

The Master of the Universe: 4/10/2016

Earlier this year, I finished a series of portraits that I’ve titled, ‘The Doctor of the Universe.’ It’s the paintings that greet you on the home page background.  The series has been one of my most popular series yet. After I finished that series, I’ve naturally moved on to the ‘Master of the Universe’  series. It only makes sense.

The Master is an interesting villain because he/she is not just the arch-nemesis of the Doctor, but a childhood friend and sometimes an ally. The Master isn’t always entirely evil either. Take Missy, for example. In Series 8, she’s driven not by her past ambitions to take over the universe, but to give the Doctor an undefeatable army of cybermen so that he can win the Time War. Sure, she does this in part to show the Doctor that they aren’t as different as he thinks they are. In Series 9, she actively helps to save the Doctor from the Daleks.

So here it is. I’ve completed three Masters. This week I’ll be working on Alex Macqueen’s Master from the Big Finish audio dramas. He hasn’t appeared on screen as the Master, but his performance in the Doctor Who audio dramas is fantastic. Interestingly enough, Macqueen was often the opposing character to Malcolm Tucker (played by Peter Capaldi) on the Thick of It. His version of the Master is very much like his character on the Thick of It. Posh aristocratic accent. Always composed even when everyone else isn’t. He really is a great version of the Master. Again, it’s a shame that he wasn’t on screen, but I still consider him part of the canon.

With the ‘Master of the Universe’ series, each portrait will feature a planet behind the Master. I felt this was a good representation of the Master’s singular goal of planetary conquest. The Master views the planet as something to conquer, as opposed to the Doctor, who views universe as a place to explore.

For the first time, I started taking short videos of the paintings as various stages of the process. Then I edit the video so that you can watch it from start to finish in about 6 seconds. You can view these on my vine page: @jephWHO.

Or whatever. I don’t care.