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Leaving Facebook

Leaving Facebook: 3/13/16

So this blog entry is not relevant to most people. Really only relevant to those few friends on Facebook who actually notice that I’m no longer on Facebook anymore and somehow stumbled onto this blog. (Hi Mom and Dad!)

I deactivated my personal Facebook account today (still have my Artist Profile page). Deactivating my account is something I’ve been mulling over for a year or so. I’ve finally brought myself to pull the trigger. I’ve been on Facebook since it was called I’ve spent far too much time on Facebook for well over a decade. When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I do is look at Facebook. When I first joined Facebook, it was this great place where I could connect with old friends and family. And it largely still is. I’ve been able to connect with friends from my childhood and cousins that I haven’t seen in years.

But it’s not a positive feature of my life anymore. Facebook can be great site, but only if you have a healthy and happy social life outside of it. If you’re like me - someone who has no social life and an cache of social anxieties - Facebook is really just an enabler. It creates these micro-social interactions that can satiate a lonely moment with a brief thumb-up towards brief flashes of self-validation. It’s like trying to quench a dying thirst with a cap full of digital water. It doesn’t quench anything.

I found that I’d come to judge my days and weekends by the number of likes that I got and who liked my posts. Seeing that little red number in the notifications bar was like a drug. If I was feeling down, I would post a music video or some joke or whatever just to get those beautiful likes. I’m tired of reading all the vacuous inspiration quotes that my friends share. I’m tired of reading political rants (both conservative and liberal) from people who have no self-awareness and don’t know how to identify fallacies. I’m tired of comparing myself to my happy friends with their happy lives with their happy kids and their happy mortgages (even though I completely recognize that we’re all fictions on Facebook, whether conscious or not, that life projected on Facebook by anyone is a carefully curated fiction). I’m tired.

So I’ve deactivated my account. I didn’t delete it. Just deactivated. It’s probably temporary. I fully expect that I’ll relapse at some point. Most addicts do. But I’m hoping that this will force me to find real social interactions.

Or whatever. I don’t care.