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These are Series of Paintings that Focus on the Doctor

The Doctor

The 12th Doctor

12th Doctor12th Doctor

These paintings were inspired by Series 8 and Series 9 - otherwise known as the 12th Doctor’s era.This collection of paintings features everything from Clara and Danny Pink to to Rigsy’s Tribute to Clara on the Tardis.

Peter Capaldi was born to play the Doctor. I love painting his face. There’s so much character and expression, especially those killer eyebrows.

Series 9 was one of the best seasons of Doctor Who so far. It will inspire many more paintings.

The 12th Doctor

11th Doctor

The 11th Doctor

This collection of paintings were inspired by series five to seven - the 11th Doctor’s Era. During these three series, we fell in love with Amy and Rory and met the impossible girl, Clara. This era brought us the 50th Anniversary episode and the War Doctor.

Matt Smith perfectly balanced youth with the ancient age of the Doctor. His Doctor became an international icon as Doctor Who grew into a worldwide show. Smith’s ability to give rousing speeches is unparalleled. The speech at the end of the ‘Rings of Ahkaten’ was one of the most moving speeches in the show. Makes me cry every time.   

11th Doctor

The 11th Doctor

10th Doctor

10th Doctor

This collection of paintings spans the 10th Doctor’s era from Series Two to Four. During this era, we have some of the greatest companions - Rose, Mickey, Martha, Captain Jack, Donna, Wilfred, and even Sarah Jane Smith.

David Tennant is perhaps the most popular Doctor. He is routinely voted best Doctor each year. And for good reason. He was a master of comedy and drama. He is the Doctor that you want to be. Cool as cool.

10th Doctor

The 10th Doctor

The 9th Doctor

9th Doctor9th Doctor

This collection of paintings is inspired by the first series of the Doctor Who reboot with Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor.

Eccleston was only the Doctor for one season, but he was fantastic. The one downside of his tenure as the Doctor is that we didn’t get enough of him. His doctor was the first out of the time war, the first to be the last Time lord, alone in the universe.

I don’t have a lot from this era, but I have plans to expand it.

The 9th Doctor

Classic Who

Classic Who

This is a collection portraits of the Classic Doctors.

Doctor Who began in 1963 and ran until 1989, with a one-off movie in 1996. During that time, we had eight Doctors. We wouldn’t have the current Doctor’s without the Classic Doctors. Back then, the budgets were low and the monsters were campy. But the stories were every bit as good as the current Doctor Who.

Currently, this collection is limited, but I plan on building it out more in the future, particularly with concern to the companions.

Classic Who

The Master

This is my ‘Master of the Universe’ series.  

Each portrait is of the Master - the Doctor’s oldest friend and greatest enemy. I’ve completed three so far. When I finish, there will be a portrait for each of the known regenerations of the Master, including Alex Macqueen’s Master from the Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas.

The Master of the Universe