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Interested in commissioning a custom painting? Just drop me a message and I’ll let you know all the details.
While I specialize in Doctor Who fan art, I’m certainly not limited to it. I can paint anything you want within my aesthetic style.

You can also contact me just to say hello. Or to express interest in purchasing one of the original paintings. Or other opportunities.

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Commissioned Art

Commissioning Artwork: 7/9/2016

So over the last several years, I’ve done a handful of commissioned artwork. (Not all pictured here.) I haven’t promoted this option, frankly because I’m not great at self-promotion. That said, I finally decided to put up a blog so that the few people who visit this website know that this option exists.

HOW IT WORKS: Commissioned artwork is different from the other artwork on my site because you get to have some say over what I paint. Think of it as a customized painting just for you. Perhaps you want a portrait of a family member (as is the case with the boy on the skateboard) or perhaps you have a particular fan art idea - a scene or character that means something special to you or someone else for which you’re commissioning the art for.

Basically, you contact me with the idea and I’ll respond with ideas and/or questions to fill in the context - such as what size painting you want. You can be as detailed as you want or simply give me an idea to run with. For example, one client wanted the 11th Doctor in a western (third image on the left). So I took the 11th Doctor from the episode ‘A Town Called Mercy’ and I added the western-style shops, a horse, the mountains, clouds, and Tardis.  

It doesn’t have to Doctor Who fan art either. I can certainly work within other fandoms. In fact, I’m eager to expand into other fandoms.

I love painting people and faces. As you can tell from my portfolio, I’m not much of a landscape artist.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: I’m certainly open to negotiations, but my rate for commissioned art is $2 per square inch. So, if you want a 24” x 36” inch painting, it would cost $1,728. The rate for my other art is $1.50 per square inch. The reason commissioned art costs more is because it’s not something I would necessarily paint to satiate my own artistic needs and hang on my wall (though obviously, most of the commissioned artwork is work I’d proudly hang on my wall).

Commissioned art is paid in two steps. Before I start painting, I require a 25% non-refundable deposit. The deposit is not refundable because I don’t want to spend my own money on materials and waste weeks on a painting you commissioned, only to have you decide that you don’t want it. I’ve never had a painting returned to me. So I don’t expect this will be an issue, but it’s important to understand that you are paying for my time - time that I could spend painting something else.

After the painting is completed, the remaining 75% is due before I ship it. Like I said, if you’re not happy with the painting, I can refund the 75%. I can also make adjustments to the painting until you’re happy with it. If the painting (and this goes for all my paintings) is damaged is shipping, you can ship the painting back for a full refund or I can paint you another piece.

WHAT ABOUT PRINTS:  I reserve the right to make and sell prints of the commissioned art. That said, I generally won’t sell prints if the art is of a family member or friend, like the World War II veteran (pictured left). You can request that I sell prints if you have family or friends that want a print of the painting. I can also put the prints on things like T-shirts, journals, mugs, and other stuff. Check out for details, as that’s my preferred service.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: It depends on the size of the painting, but it can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on the complexity. It’s important to remember that I’m not a full-time painter. I would like to be. I think that would be grand, but I have a full-time career as a tech writer during the day. So I’m only able to paint in the evenings and on weekends. After the painting is completed, I usually have to wait at least a week or two before it’s ready to be shipped. The paint needs to fully dry and settle before I can pack it up.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact me. I’m a nice guy. Or at least, I think I’m a nice guy.

24” x 18” x .5” 36” x 24” x .75” 48” x 36” x .75” 36” x 24” x .75” 14” x 36” x .15”