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13th Doctor

It’s been a few weeks since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the 13th Doctor. I’ll admit - I didn’t expect the BBC to go with a female. I figured they’d take the conservative path and cast another white male, which wouldn’t have bothered me. I’ve always argued that the most important aspect of casting a role occurs in the background: how comfortable is the head writer with the actor, how does the actor get along with the crew and producers, etc. So I don’t buy into either side of the “the Doctor needs to be a minority” or the “the Doctor can’t be female” argument. Cast the right person. That’s all that matters.

And that’s what Chris Chibnall did. He cast Whittaker - someone he already has a great relationship with. He knows her strengths and weaknesses.

That said, I’ll admit - I cried a little when Jodie lifted the hood and revealed her face. She’s the first actor that I’m already a big fan of at the time of the casting. She’s simply brilliant in Broadchurch. I can’t understand how anyone could be upset with her casting.

Anyway, after her casting, I immediately started making some fan art. She’s so beautiful and has such an expression-charged face, I think she’s going to inspire a LOT of art.

Click on the images for prints. I’ll add a 13th Doctor section to this website as soon as series 11 airs.